Penninga Engineering, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 for the purpose of providing specialized software, which was designed specifically to meet customer's requirements. Over the past five years, we have provided software solutions for clients in many different industry segments. These segments include logistics, trucking, actuarial, phone service, automotive, pallet manufacture, insurance, legal, political campaign management, and community health clinics.

    Penninga Engineering, Inc.'s mission is to establish long term relationships with our customers where we can enhance productivity by providing software solutions which meet their specific needs.

    We have four employees experienced in the use of a wide range of software technologies including:

Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Office
C++ Builder
Macromedia Studio MX
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Quark Express
    We can provide complete solutions including:

Web Page Design.
    *W3C standards compliant HTML, XHTML, CSS.
    *Client Side Technologies: CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML.
    *Dynamic Web Server Technologies such as PHP, ASP, JSP.
Administration of servers running Apache, IIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server.
Database Design.
On-Line Help.

    We welcome the opportunity to sit down with potential clients and assist in determining the best solutions for their business requirements. Most projects are billed on a time and materials basis. Several employees are based at customer locations providing on-going software development, installation, and integration to the client's existing software systems.

    The original expertise of Penninga Engineering Inc. was in building machine instrument interfacing software. We provide PLC/CNC interfaces for a variety of custom machinery. Client requirements for business software has directed us into document management, invoicing, adaptive scheduling systems, dispatch systems, time entry packages, logistics, actuarial computation systems, and insurance claim reporting.

    In addition to client software consulting, Penninga Engineering has developed several commercial software products, which are detailed on this Website. Some of these products have been jointly created with clients and are being marketed with their full support.

    If you have a specific software requirement which is not available as a commercial package, please contact us. Let us build your application!