One of the most daunting tasks facing a home owner or small business owner after a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane or other catastrophe, is the documenting and reporting of possessions and temporary living expenses. The reporting of each damaged possession's actual value and the subsequent replacement cost is a huge task. Most insurance companies want exacting detail of each damaged item along with full replacement information. This can be a time consuming and frustrating task if you don't have the right tools. Let Penninga Engineering help you get your life back on track with DamageControl.
    The DamageControl program was written to assist users in documenting and insurance company reporting for:

1) Possessions (Entry):
The Damage Control program allows the user to enter in any order a description of all items which were damaged beyond repair. The system allows the user to search and sort entered items by type, category, description, date purchased, and many other categories. A report can be generated at any time for the insurance company. Additional items can be entered at any time. Partial list reports can also be generated. These reports provide the "Actual Cost Value" or ACV for damaged processions.

2) Possessions (Replacement):
If the insured party has a "Replacement Cost" insurance policy, the user will begin to replace damaged items with new items. The DamageControl software assists the user in finding the damaged items, documenting the replacements, and building Replacement Cost reports for the insurance company.

3) Living Expenses (Under Development):
If the insured party cannot use the damaged dwelling or office, the insurance policy may cover temporary facilities and living expenses. Most insurance companies will require complete documentation of the costs of the living expenses. The DamageControl software assists the insured party by documenting and reporting all living expenses.
4) Claim Status (Under Development):
Settling the insurance claim for damage to possessions, living expenses, and building repairs can take several months. There will be a constant flow of reports, receipts, checks, and letters between the insured and the insurance company. The DamageControl software will assist the insured in documenting this information flow, cumulating submitted costs, and reporting remaining policy funds.