The Dispatch Software System(DSS) is a comprehensive set of computer programs for running a small to medium sized trucking company. It provides dispatching, tracing, invoicing, reporting, alarming, scheduling, and IFTA fuel tax computations. It includes client specific billing (8 different ways) and owner operator pay reports. The system allows for multiple methods of detention and fuel surcharge calculations.

The DSSExplorer uses either an Access or SQLServer 2000 database. Combined with a CITRIX remote access software system it has been used successfully for several multiple location installations. The DSSExplorer will run on PC's using Windows 98, 2000, NT, or XP operating systems. A more complete description of the system is given below:

The loadboard shows all dispatched loads moving. Tabs separate loads based on their current status (NEW, ASSIGNED, DELIVERED, DONE). The main grid can be filtered by any portion of any field as well as sorted. Complete details of each shipment can be displayed by selecting a particular order. Associated loadstops are displayed for the currently selected load on the bottom of the screen.

Each non-delivered shipment displayed on the loadboard is color coded as to the current alarm status of the load. Users can quickly determine which loads are overdue or are approaching their pickup or delivery times. Loadstops are also color coded as to their alarm status.

The system will generate individual invoices, weekly, or monthly invoices. Invoices are stored as PDF files and can be viewed within the system at any time.

Vehicle Usage Reports
Vehicle Mileage Reports
Driver Reports
Insurance Vehicle Report
Fuel Card Report
Fuel Entry Report
Odometer Report
Driver Trip Report
The DSSInvoice program will generate the following reports:
Weekly Invoices
Monthly Invoices
The DSSOwnerOperator program will generate the following reports:
Owner Operator

The DSScheduler allows the user to build repetitive loads into a time based schedule which will automatically enter new loads into the system. The program allows selection of a pattern template from existing shipments and then duplicating it with different dates and times. Shipments can be scheduled daily, weekly, alternate days, or user selected days.
IFTA Fuel Tax:
The DSSExplorer contains complete information about each vehicle over a given time period. Fuel receipts are scanned into the system using the DSSFuelEntry program. The IFTA fuel tax is computed for individual vehicles or complete fleets. The output duplicates the standard IFTA Fuel tax reports including special reports for Kentucky. Your complete IFTA Fuel Tax reports can be generated at the touch of a button.
Client Billing:
Client costs can be based on several different methods built into the DSSExplorer:
Rate Per Mile (for each vehicle type)
Specific ID to Specific ID Flat Rates or Rate Per Mile
Zipcode to Zipcode Flat Rate or Rate Per Mile
Conditional Rates (Based on multiple shipments by multiple clients)
Hourly Rates

The system allows for client specific accessiorial charges, detention rates and fuel surcharge rates.

Users of the DSSExplorer can compute client costs. A complete rational as the computation method is built into the invoicing system.

If you are looking for a complete dispatch software system for your company, look no further. Please contact us for a detailed description, costing information, and a demonstration.
Download the DSS Explorer 2 Manual in PDF or Microsoft Word format.