PalletTime is a program designed to keep track of shipping pallet time keeping records. It is specifically targeted at pallet rebuilders who pay their employees in a combination of hourly rates and piece rates. PalletTime provides a flexible system to define divisions, departments, activities, rates for specific items, ranged rates based on pallet dimensions, and exceptions costs such as used boards, carries, 3/4 inch boards, etc.

Using a piece rate for pallet production and pallet sorting allows production data to be generated by the program. PalletTime allows users to get weekly, monthly, and yearly production data grouped by department, product, or employee.

Several kiosks have been delivered with touch screens for login, product selection, and quantity input. A supervisory program allows supervisors to edit and input additional data such as vacation, overtime, and holiday pay. A third program allows system setup of employees, divisions, departments, rates, activities, and exception rates. A fourth program generates reports. The system is network enabled and allows multiple users and supervisors to enter, update, and report data simultaneously.

PalletTime has been successfully used in three facilities within Michigan. Implementing the system requires the setup by Penninga Engineering for your corporation. This setup involves incorporating your logos, addresses, corporation name as well as setup of divisions, departments, employees, activities, and rates. Penninga Engineering will provide initial setup and training for PalletTime. Please contact Penninga Engineering for a detailed quote and to answer any questions about PalletTime.